Design and Engineering
Our expert engineering staff designs all equipment as per customer's tailor made applications and with  strict safety and highest performance standards.

Once all process data has been confirmed, we design and  specify  the equipment  in accordance with latest technology and our years of experience and expertise.  We use highly specialized computer models and state-of-the-art design aids.

Pilot Spray Drying SystemAcmefil Engineering Systems have pilot plant facilities for conducting trials for products and for development of new procedures of drying. These facilities are available to end users and research institutes at nominal charges for development of applications at mutually agreed terms

Our engineers consider all aspects of a project when designing new equipment, including:


Pilot Plant - Spin Flash DryerSelection of up-to-date technologies
Process optimization
Maximization of product quality
Design of equipment and operating parameters
Operational conditions
Controls and instrumentation
Utility consumption
Cleaning requirements

As part of the design process, we also prepare operation and maintenance manuals for every project to assist you once the equipment is up and running. Of course, our customer service department is always available for your questions, or for troubleshooting assistance.

System Retrofits, Rebuilds and/or  Upgrades

After-Market Sales & Service Department offers a wide range of services to industries operating dryers and associated systems. For projects that require strong support we can provide a team of industrial & control, process, and structural engineers, as well as technical specialists to thoroughly evaluate your needs, assess your concerns, and make recommendations tailored to your particular requirements.

Customer Services

Our technical experts are always available to answer your questions and assist you in troubleshooting.
Delivery, Erection, and Commissioning
At Acmefil, we strictly follow  the delivery of equipment as per the delivery schedule committed by us.  We also take responsibility for installation or supervision of your contractor.

Genuine Spare Parts

Acmefil offers green enhancements for your equipment. These leading-edge product upgrades are designed to cut utility consumption, reduce the volume of water treatment chemical by-products and improve water quality. These cost-effective enhancements can provide immediate, positive results for your business and the environment. For additional information about our sustainable process systems and solutions please write to us at .