Spray Pyrolysis System



Spray Pyrolysis SystemsSPRAY PYROLYSIS SYSTEMS is custom built drying system used for continuous transformation of liquid feed into a dried solid product by spraying the feed into a stream of hot drying air.

The feed slurry is pumped in controlled rate by a Metering pump and sprayed into the Spray dryer Reactor through Nozzle Atomizer, provided at the flat top of the reactor. The spray is co-current to the drying hot air which is produced by a gas fired direct type Hot Air Generator entering from the top of the Reactor through air distributor.

The heat transfer takes place when the hot air comes in contact with the spray and evaporation takes place, the dried particulates thus produced having desired Moisture Content is collected from the bottom of the Reactor and cyclone separator through Discharge valve. Further the residual moisture of the dried product can be controlled by varying the feed rate to the system.

The exhaust air is treated for product recovery by Cyclone Separator, Bag Filter System and Wet Scrubbing System the clean air is vented out by Exhaust blower to the atmosphere through exhaust Stack.

Adequate instrumentation is provided along with MCC panel to operate the system.









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